CoQ10 Weight Loss Uncovered

As of late there has been much discussion about whether or not coq10 weight loss supplements are effective.  You know there is a trend in the health/fitness niche when Dr. Oz has a special on "co enzyme Q 10". Like any other diet supplement, it is best to be as informed as possible so that you can make an educated decision before you start using the product.

Coq10 Weight Loss, Is it Possible?

Coq10, short for co-enzyme Q 10, is a naturally occurring nutrient found in every cell in the body.  This vitamin helps with the production of ATP occurring within mitochondria in cells. It is found mainly in meats and protein sources.

CoQ10 Weight Loss Uncovered

While small amounts of the substance can be found in nuts and vegetables, vegetarians should generally consider taking a supplement as their daily diet will not be very high in coq10.



What does CoQ10 do?

Coq10, as previously stated, aids in the production of ATP in each cell therefore helping to create energy.  The fact that the body is producing more energy leads people to believe that there is an increase in metabolism after taking c0q10.  The main benefit of taking coq10 as a supplement with a weight loss program would be to fight fatigue.  In a sense, taking coq10 alone without a proper diet and exercise program will not deliver results.  The supplement is just that, a supplement that can aid in a weight loss plan.  Do not confuse a coq10 supplement with a fat burner, while it might elevate metabolism that should not be the sole purpose for taking it.

Supplementing with coq10 can fight fatigue and provide more energy.  The goal of coq10 is to allow you increase energy levels and fight the fatigue  associated with exercise. This allows the individual to continually work hard over time so that they can give themselves the best opportunity to lose weight.  The reason that it is recommended to take a coq10 supplement is due to the fact that people who exercise excessively tend to have low levels of the nutrient in their bodies.  Additionally, tests run on obese patients have been discovered to show coq10 deficiencies in their body.  After given a supplement these same patients had more success with losing body weight.

Aside from fighting fatigue there are numerous other benefits that coenzyme q10 can have on the body.  Check out the Benefits of CoQ10 page for more information

Are there any side effects?

While the theory that "more is better" is usually applied in the fitness industry, it is not advisable to take high doses of the supplement .  It has been found that higher dosages of CoQ10 have counterproductive results....leading to more fatigue and tiredness. For a full overview of ubiquinol side effects please visit that page

How do I combine CoQ10 with exercise program?

This is a tough question to answer because each person will have a different training age and work capacity.  For starters, one would need to evaluate what they are currently capable of performing in terms of exercise.  While CoQ10 might help produce more energy and fight fatigue, it is not a magical supplement by any means.  The best case scenario would be performing some form of strength training and combining that with conditioning.  What this means is completely up to you and your goals.

One concept that needs to be understood and combined with a coq10 supplement is the idea of goal setting and training with a purpose.  If you can combine actual goals with a supplement that will aid in fighting fatigue and improve workout quality you will be getting the absolute most out of the supplement.  Workouts with a purpose are much more effective in maintaining motivation and getting results.

A complete beginner would do well to simply start walking 20 minutes a day and slowly adding in body weight exercises for a strength component to their program.  Because of their relatively new training age, they could increase the duration of those walks and intensity fairly rapidly....using a coq10 supplement to help fight the fatigue that is associated with exercise and get better quality workouts to aid in fat loss.  A great set of training goals for a beginner are to be able to run a mile in 10 minutes, perform 20 push-ups in a row and perform 5 pull ups.  If training is structured accordingly and each workout provides a logical progression then adding in a coq10 supplement will be extremely advantageous for the individual.  Below is a sample week from the first month of a workout for complete beginners with a program based on pull ups, push ups and running.  These workouts can be extremely effective and be performed from the comfort of your own home.

CoQ10 Weight Loss

More advanced/experienced trainees can use the CoQ10 supplement while working considerable harder than the beginner.  Higher intensity workouts will yield better weight loss results, but they come at a cost.... they cannot be performed as frequently as the beginner workouts due to recovery.  The supplement can help recovery from high intensity interval training, sprinting and heavy lifting.  Here is a sample of a workout that was written for a woman that has been following goal setting and training after a few months

Co Enzyme Q10 Weight loss

As workouts get more strenuous and performance improves, you can see how important each workout begins to get.  There are specific goals that need to be met and training needs to be focused to keep improving.  By strategically supplementing with CoQ10 you can help recover and prepare yourself for a great workout that meets and exceeds goals set.

 CoQ10 dosage information

It is recommended that CoQ10 dosages stay between 30-200mg a day.  It has been shown that doses as high as 1200mg a day have been taken safely without any harmful side effects.  Because CoQ10 is a fat soluble vitamin, remember to take the supplement with a meal containing fat to help absorption.

There are many forms of CoQ10 supplements, they can be found as soft gels, oral sprays, liquids and powders.  For more information and product reviews please go to the CoQ10 Supplement page.